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Gluten Free Salmon Patties

Okay, I admit that it’s been a couple of weeks since we did serious grocery shopping so the cupboard was a little bare. But I thought I could successfully create supper from a can of salmon and a bag of frozen peas. I did create supper. And it wasn’t a total fail. But you just really need saltines crumbled up in the salmon to make it work well.

One very important lesson I’m learning as I learn to cook gluten-free is that sometimes it’s the seemingly simple things that will send you back to the drawing board.

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Post Rough Draft Completion Blues

Saturday when I finished the rough draft of my first novel I was Snoopy dancing. Lame, I know, but that event placed a large check mark beside one of the major milestones for a writing career. So I was happy. Still am.

So why do I feel a kind of bluesy funk creepy over me? No, I don’t need medication. But it’s kind of like “Now what?” Wonder if that’s normal?

Normal or not, tonight’s the night I get over it. I gave myself a few days to not write, to relax and enjoy the accomplishment. But tonight, it’s back to the keyboard.