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Not Exactly a Coffee Fail, But Close

Our mission? Finding an easy, tasty, practical solution to making coffee in an RV once we hit the road. Yes, of course, our RV will have electricity. But we do plan to be off grid a lot. And, I don’t want to run down our batteries just running an electric coffee maker.

I immediately thought French Press. Easy peasy, right? Just put in the grounds, heat the water, wait four minutes, drink coffee. Yes, it’s that easy, but there are a couple of drawbacks that take French Press out of the number one spot.

  • Can only make 2 mugs of coffee at a time
  • Doesn’t stay hot longer than about 15-20 minutes
  • Uses a lot of coffee grounds

So, we’ll keep using it for now, but this will not be our go to once we’re on the road.

We’re also considering cold brew, which we’ve used in the past and enjoyed. We’re going to try pour over, too.

What’s your favorite way to brew coffee?

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Friday Faves

Found one of my new favorite products on one of my favorite YouTube channels. I love Creativity RV. Her videos and interviews about RV life are some of my very favorite. She’s smart, confident, and fun to listen to.

On one of her videos she talks about hygiene and skin care while living full time in an RV mostly boondocking. With a limited amount of water, bathing, washing your hair, all of that can be a little challenging. She recommended Micellar Water as a way to cleanse skin, especially her face.

I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. I want to have some of these concerns taken care of before we go full time, so I’m trying some of the tips and tricks now to make sure they will work for Daniel and me.

Well, Micellar Water is a definite hit. I’ve used it on my face twice a day for about a week. It does remove mascara with a bit of scrubbing. My face already feels a little less dry and a little smoother. I do still cleanse, but I replaced my usual toner with the Micellar water. Once I run out of cleanser, I will try using only the Micellar Water.

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Not at all Wordless Wednesday

Most of you know my Mom died in February very unexpectedly and at a very young 72 years old. I’ll be honest, I’ve struggled with grief. All the stages. Sometimes all the stages in one hour.

On Tuesday I received an email from Dad that kind of brought that part of grief that’s a deep, deep sadness to the surface. Her headstone is finally placed.

Thanks to Dad’s military career, they both qualify to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. That’s where she is. He’ll join her there eventually. (God, please not soon.)

As with all government run entities, actions take way more time than they should. She died February 24, was buried April 8, and we just now have a headstone.

But it’s here and it makes this all oh so real all over again.

Mom I miss you more than I could have ever imagined missing anyone. My faith tells me you are in heaven awaiting the rest of us and spending time with those who’ve gone before. I cling to that. But oh how I miss you.

Mom’s headstone at Arlington National Cemetery

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A New Hiking Trail

Saturday we went for a short hike on a new trail. We recently discovered Cedars of Lebanon State Park. It’s beautiful! How have we lived in this area for 18.5 years and never explored this park? It’s criminal. LOL

We chose a short, easy trail close to the welcome center to just get a feel for the park. We talked to a couple of rangers who were super helpful and nice.

The trail itself was amazing. We are excited to go back next weekend.

Do you visit state parks often? Where’s your favorite? Do you have a favorite hiking trail?

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Budget Day

I’m going to admit something. We’ve never used a budget in our almost 22 years of marriage. It’s embarrassing, but true. I’m honestly so embarrassed, I may never publish this post.


Today we started trying to budget.

Okay, let me back up. I do have an Excel spreadsheet with our bills and their due dates. It’s not like we’re completely and totally willy nilly with our money.

But today we sat down together with last month’s bank statement, tallied up where all our money went, and wasn’t that eye opening, and created a rudimentary budget for August.

I even got organized enough to put the budgeting materials in a folder for easy access. A physical folder, not a virtual one. I’m a little old school about some things.

We may eventually move to budgeting on the computer when we get used to doing it. For now this plastic folder and printed budget sheets work just fine.

The catalyst for this much needed attention to our finances is our goal of leaving our day jobs for full time RV life late next year. We will need to learn to live on a strict budget once we are on the road. We also need to save as much as possible between now and then so we have a tiny bit of cushion.

For a while we’ll meet every Saturday to see how we did with our budget for the week and adjust as needed. I’m getting a little excited about making our money work for us for a change.

However, I’m still super, super embarrassed to admit all this publicly. So be kind, okay?

Do you budget? How often? Do you stick to it?

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Oats and Peanut Butter and M&Ms. Oh My!

I played Holly Homemaker today and made our snacks for next week.

I’m tired of paying so much for protein bars and trail mix when it’s so easy to make them at home. So while we were shopping today I bought a few supplies I didn’t already have on hand.

For our trail mix I poured a third of a bottle of roasted peanuts, half a bag of Bear Naked maple pecan granola, and half a sharable bag of M&M mini into a gallon storage bag and shook it up. Yum!

I found a very simple recipe online for no bake protein bars. Yes, of course I tasted before I put the mixture in the fridge to set. Delicious!

Since I already had peanut butter, honey, oats, and protein powder on hand, and I used the other half of the mini M&Ms from the trail mix these bars cost a fraction of a box of bars from the grocery. Plus, I will get 8-12 bars from this batch rather than the 5-6 I’m most grocery store boxes. Yay!

Do you make your own snacks? What’s your favorite afternoon snack?