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One point most of the full time RV folks we follow on YouTube make is to say the place to start when planning a full time RV life is to know your why. Probably good advice for any major life change.

Daniel and I talked about this months ago, but we revisited the conversation today. I think it’s good to make sure we’re still in agreement and still want the same general things from this change.

So here are our biggest whys:

  • Freedom
  • See the country
  • Travel at our own pace
  • Time with family
  • Simplify
  • Spend quality time together

Are you planning any major changes to your life soon? Have you identified your why?

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Kitchen Purge Begins

Since we moved up our RV launch date, we’ve had to get serious about purging. The goal is to complete one full purge of the house by December 31. There will be at least two more rounds of purging in the first half of next year. At least two more.

Last week, I did a mini purge on my side of the closet and hauled a mountain of clothes to Goodwill.

This time, I chose the kitchen. I want to complete one round of purging in the kitchen by Sunday. But here’s what purging one cabinet looks like. This is what it looked like before.

It took maybe thirty minutes to pull everything out of the cabinet and cull. Here’s what went from the cabinet to the yard sale pile.

Seriously, how did we accumulate so much stuff that we so seldom use I forgot some of it was there! Unlike the clothes, which went to Goodwill, these items are in the corner of the garage awaiting the September yard sale.

Here’s what the cabinet looks like after the purge.

The cookware set will go once we are ready to live in the RV. I need them for the next 17 months. I couldn’t part with the Pampered Chef pizza stone I’ve had for almost 20 years just yet. I love that thing. It will have to go once we transition to RV life. It is large and will not fit in any cooking device in an RV.

My bio-father made the wooden salad bowl. It is also huge. But I can’t let go of it just yet. I may end up keeping it. I’m not sure yet. It’s not practical at all. But it is a great salad bowl, and honestly has some sentimental value. I have 17 months to think about it.

Have you ever done a whole house purge of your stuff? How did it feel? Are you glad you did it?

This is somewhat emotional. But it has to be done. And, honestly, most of the stuff feels good to get rid of. However, I am saving most of the sentimental stuff for last. I’m not quite ready to face all that just yet.

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First RV Specific Purchase

Woo Hoo!!! We made our first purchase specific to our upcoming RV lifestyle. You can imagine space is a premium when you live full time in an RV. And especially since we want to be 32 feet or less (not counting a tow vehicle) I’ve researched what other RVers do to help maximize space.

We decided to try some collapsible silicone dishes. Since we both love coffee, we started with a coffee mug. It arrived today. I’m drinking a cup of coffee from it now. It’s fine-may take a bit of getting used to. It would be easy to squeeze the flexible silicone and squirt coffee out of the top.

Here are some photos of the mug. It’s not pretty or decorative, but it serves it’s purpose. And, it has a lid which will be a requirement in the RV. We don’t want to try to clean spilled drinks out from under a slide.

It came with a silicone straw in a little storage box and a clip to attach it to a backpack.

It is functional and will be easy to store. It is not keeping my coffee as hot as a porcelain mug, but that’s a compromise I’m willing to make in order to live RV life.

Do you have any favorite camping gear?

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RV Research and Rabbit Holes

Research can be fun. Research can be exhausting. And, research can be a looooooong rabbit hole from which I may never return.

Since we moved up our full time rv timeline, I’ve had to put the research into high gear. One of those things is where to domicile. We won’t likely keep our Tennessee resident status. Not because we don’t love our state, but because there are other states where insurance and registration will be more cost effective for our budget.

But, wow there are some serious moving parts involved in the process of changing your domicile.

Back to the rabbit hole. I’ll come up for more air again soon.

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Let the Purge Begin

Maybe you remember we plan to sell our sticks and bricks home and most of our stuff so we can travel and live full time in an RV.

In anticipation of making this change sooner than 2022 as we had planned, I started purging belongings on a small scale today. Of course we’ll have to pick up the pace of our purge soon.

I cleaned out one bathroom drawer and some of my side of the closet.

These are the before pictures. My rule is: if I have to think about it, it goes!

So here are the after photos.

I still have to go through shoes and my hanging shelf of sweatshirts.

Here’s the pile of purged clothes.

I see a yard sale in the near future.

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Freedom Update

A couple of months ago I shared that Daniel and I plan to significantly downsize, sell our home, and buy an RV to live in full time in a few years. We are both super excited about this plan. We’ve moved up the date to 7/25/22, but hope to be able to make the move before then.

We’ve done some RV shopping, changed our minds a couple of times, but our current first choice is the 2019 Jayco Alante 31V. It’s a smallish gas powered class A. I’m posting some pictures from the Dunlap Family RV website. We met a salesman there who we really liked, so plan to buy from him when the time comes.

We’re so excited about this adventure. Three years seems like such a long time, although we both know it isn’t.

What we’re focused on right now is how to make a little money while on the road and going through all our belongings to downsize. Both of these take serious consideration.

Part of my plan for money on the road is to take my writing more seriously than I ever have. I’m writing every day, at least a couple hundred words. I’m dedicated to my dream of writing.

The downsizing, y’all. Wow!! Where did all this stuff come from? LOL There’s just so much!!

I’ll update on our freedom plan next week.

Have a great weekend.

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A Journey’s Beginning

Here we go. Baby steps. Or maybe a big step-mentally anyway. Today I start scanning and saving our photographs. We can’t take them all on the road when we start our full time RV living dream. But we can take a couple of little external hard drives.

Even though it’s probably three years out, our dream gets more real every day. Each step we take in our plan brings our dream closer, makes it more tangible.

What steps are you taking today to realize your dreams? Do you have a roadmap? What can you check off your list today?